About Us

Urgent Care Integrated Consulting is a team of professionals assembled from some of the industry’s leading urgent care organizations. We are here to provide our clients with relevant and proven consulting assistance covering a wide range of operational topics. Our goal is to assure that our clients receive not only the best in class information, but are guided through processes in a manner that reduces waste and burden on their operations, teams, time and financial resources.

We are here to assist our clients, whether they are just starting out, expanding or considering their exit strategy with industry proven information, tactics, and tools.

Who We Are

Urgent Care Integrated Consulting is comprised of professionals that possess both medical and non-medical backgrounds. Each team member has had some form of “practical” experience within the urgent care realm; many as owner/operators or operational leaders. Each consultant typically has a particular specialty area of interest but several of our consultants have a more broad experiential background and are able to assist our clients with a variety of operational needs.

We also have within our team several non-urgent care consultants that we call in to assist clients with topics such as legal issues, real estate questions or other non-urgent care specific but related to operations none-the-less. This is all in an effort to provide a more comprehensive service to our clientele.


To continually support and enable independent urgent care centers to develop and improve their business and the quality of the service they provide to their patients.


To create an integrated coalition of urgent care consultants able to provide counsel on any and all topics pertinent to the start-up, operation, growth and all-around urgent care industry.

  • Full-Spectrum Industry Knowledge
  • Proven Results
  • Ethical Operations
  • Long-Term Support
  • We believe a collaborative process produces stronger outcomes
  • We believe there’s “strength in relationships”
  • We foster a culture of transparency, integrity and creativity
  • We value independence and input
  • We believe in full disclosure in all that we do
  • We don’t believe in “one-size” fits all
  • We treat our members and employees, at all times, with respect and professionalism