Comprehensive Consulting

Comprehensive Consulting is a thorough package with topics covering all facets of start-up needs. It is intended for the urgent care start-up client that is seeking guidance with their new project from conception to opening day and beyond.

*The services outlined below are not available ala carte (see other customized packages) and are not inclusive of all services to be delivered during engagement.

Market Analysis /Site selection analysis

Geographic specific or site specific location analysis to determine feasibility of urgent care development. We look at everything from existence of competition factors, population density for supporting the development of a center, demographic composition, economic composition, payer mix, reimbursement, traffic count and more in order to provide a full determination of potential urgent care future success.

Business structure consulting/recommendations – CPOM analysis

Whether your organizational ownership is comprised of medical practitioners or non-clinical partners/investors, our team can advise you on the best ownership structures for your particular group paying careful attention to industry standards as well as state regulatory issues such as Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine.

Business Plan Development

Financing your new urgent care project may find you seeking funding from local national lending institution. If you are applying for a loan or even presenting your project to a group of investors, having a well-prepared business plan that clearly outlines your projects financials, growth strategy, services and funding needs will not only get you recognized by potential lenders, but make the lending process go more smoothly. Having a business plan that focuses on the nuances specific to the urgent care industry will show potential lenders and investors that you have done your homework and have a plan for your future.

Pro Forma Financial Origination

Along with the Business Plan, lenders and investors also want to see the projected financials for your new urgent care or Pro Forma. This document is designed to predict the business revenue and expenses. It includes line items such as staffing costs, lease costs, utilities and much more. In addition, it also factors the cost of start-up so that the total funding needed can be determined.

A full pro forma will often include projected Profit & Loss statements, Cash Flow Worksheets, and an Operating Statement so that both the principals and the potential lender/investor can see the prospective financial growth of the new business.

Financing Recommendations

With a proven track record of successful start-ups, our team is able to recommend lenders to assist you with financing your urgent care project. These lenders UNDERSTAND the urgent care industry and have worked with other urgent care operators on both start-up and expansion projects. They specialize in SBA (Small Business Administration) Loans as well as traditional loans, lines of credit, and capital equipment funding.

Project Timeline

We provide you with a step by step project timeline to help guide each new start-up through the project. In addition, we oversee the project timeline to provide reminders to ensure that tasks are staying on-time and on-track, so that your new urgent care is ready to open as efficiently as possible with no CRITICAL task left forgotten.

Floor plan development/design assistance

Making the most of the space you have is important. Our team will work with your architect/builder or we will recommend an industry-experienced architect/builder to help you develop an urgent care facility that optimizes ever square foot of available space. We pay special attention to making sure the facility is compliant for OSHA and D.O.T.

Radiology recommendations

One of the most important (and more costly) pieces of capital equipment you will purchase is your radiology suite. There are a variety of choices, price points and vendors. Our team will not only help guide you with the vendor selection process, but will also help assure that you are in compliance with any state or local regulations, obtaining the necessary licensures or certificates and working during the early stages in conjunction with your architect/builder to avoid any electrical or design issues later.

Laboratory Set-up/ compliance

Our consulting team will assist you in determining what laboratory services your urgent care center should offer according to cost, reimbursement, local need and competition. We will help with determining level of complexity and completing the appropriate CLIA application for submission as well as any other state required laboratory applications.

We will also assist you with defining the necessary products and /or equipment that will be needed in order to provide these services to your patients as well as obtaining the necessary training for your staff. This also includes generating the appropriate policies/procedures to meet compliance standards as may be required by your state.

Capital Equipment Recommendations

In preparation for funding, we will help you determine a general overview for capital equipment needs and resulting costs. As you near opening day, we will assist you with outlining a full room-by-room list of all capital equipment, disposables, and pharmaceuticals that will be necessary to outfit and operate your new urgent care. As part of the overall project timeline, we will work in conjunction with the vendor to assure that all items are arranged, ordered and ready for delivery in a time-appropriate manner according to your estimated date of opening.

Occupational Medicine Integration

A symbiotic service line along with urgent care, we will assist you with preparing for delivering occupational medicine to prospective clients/patients in your new facility. This includes assessing your service area for prospective occ-med clients, determining their potential needs, developing a marketing plan and marketing tools, acquiring the appropriate occ-med equipment and training staff.

*On-Site training of staff is not included

Prepackaged Medication Dispensing

In states that permit prepackaged pharmaceutical dispensing, our team will assist your new urgent care project by helping to create a formulary as well as generating marketing techniques to promote use of the prepackaged medication by both staff/practitioners and patients.

OSHA compliance

From Blood Borne Pathogens to Hazcom plans, we have the training and documentation to help your new center maintain compliance easily and effectively.

HIPAA compliance

Do you have a Privacy Officer? Do you need privacy screens on your computers? Where do you get HIPAA forms? We have all the documents and training to help you be compliant with the new HIPAA regulations.

Operational P&P

Looking to create a new urgent care that has defined operational procedures from Day 1? Don’t want to create policies and procedures from scratch? We have industry standard P&P ready for you to make your own. Make sure all your staff are on the same page and ensure that everyone knows what’s expected. Prepare for inspection, accreditation or meeting a payers request for compliance. Our policies and procedures will give your new urgent care an operational advantage from the first day.

Staffing recommendations

The early days of a new urgent care are financially lean. What to spend… who to hire? What do you need – and what can you do without? Our team can help you decide what level of staffing is necessary for smooth operations yet also financially viable. We can provide job descriptions for nearly every position as well as competitive salary data for around the country. Our industry experience also allows us to assist you with negotiating compensation packages in addition to structuring profit sharing.


Perhaps one of the most key pieces of your business, we’re here to help you with everything from signage development to business cards. Whether your new center is in the downtown of an urban metropolis or serving the patients of a whole county in rural Nebraska, we can help you develop a marketing plan appropriate to your audience and budget.

In addition to developing a social media and web presence, we’ll assist you with assessing the use of mass media in all forms. Non-traditional methods of marketing such as mobile media and we’ll plan and budget for both start-up funds and on-going marketing expenses.