Occupational Medicine Integration

Already have an urgent care practice but looking to develop another service line? Considered Occupational Medicine, but never developed a program and do not know where to start. We have the operational experts to assist you.

Marketing/ Sales

With occupational medicine integration, our team will provide specific guidance to develop an occupational medicine marketing plan. This will focus on identification of potential occupational medicine client targets, identifying their potential service needs, and identifying potential local occupational medicine competition and their service provision.

Additionally, once a service spectrum has been developed, we will provide assistance to develop hardcopy marketing materials as well as direction on presenting these to the prospective targets.


Prior to beginning any sales to outside clients, a determination must be made of what services will be offered. We will assist in developing a service list based on the region and business need with attention to what your organization is able to provide dependent on facility limitation, staffing limitations and compliance.

We will assist with making staffing recommendations in order to meet any additions in services. In addition, we’ll assess the physical plant to make any recommendations for changes to meet compliance such as D.O.T.


Many occupational medicine services require special certification to perform. We will review your current staffing and the prospective new service line and make recommendations for additional training as well as advise you on acquisition and options.

Equipment evaluation and acquisition

Once we have assessed the potential occ-med clients’ needs, we will work with you to evaluate what pieces of equipment may need to be purchased in order to provide the service. Our team can make recommendations on the types of equipment, vendors and training available to help you reduce acquisition costs.