Policy and Procedure Origination

We have policy and procedure manuals to help your organization maintain compliance, achieve accreditation or simply document rules and expectations for your employees. These policies and procedures follow HIPAA, OSHA and most HR guidelines as well as standard urgent care operational procedures.

Job Descriptions

Receive a full selection of urgent care specific job descriptions, industry applicable and customizable so that you can present them to potential employees. Includes expected responsibilities, job title, and the person to whom the employee reports. These job descriptions include but are not limited to: clinical staff, receptionists, radiology technician, provider staff, and more.

HR manual

More formal than the Employee Handbook, this is intended to be a reference for the operator to help define the policies and procedures related to the hiring, termination and general employment within the organization. Topics include; continuing education, bonus eligibility, At-Will statements, harassment, exempt vs non-exempt classifications, and much more. The manual also include important form samples so you will have all the necessary documents ready in order to manage new staff.

Employee Handbook

Provide your employees with a comprehensive handbook outlining expectations of their employments. Topics cover dress codes, benefits, PTO, holidays, behavior as well as disciplinary actions. Customizable like all the other manuals, this handbook is a valuable tool in providing your staff with a clear and consistent reference for policy related to their employment and the culture within your organization.

HIPAA Manual

Is your urgent care prepared to meet all the aspects of HIPAA compliance? Do you have the appropriate Business Associate Agreements in place? Do you have a designated Privacy Officer? How up to date is your training? We have compiled all the necessary documentation to assist your organization with preparing for compliance. We include forms, notifications to patients and much more.

OSHA compliance/ BBP ECP

Do you know that your urgent care is required to meet certain requirements by OSHA? For instance, do you have a Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan? Do you update it annually? Have you offered your staff Hepatitis B immunizations and trained them according to standards. Have you made the switch to all safety needle products? If not, then let us assist you in putting together the necessary documents to meet compliance. We have a BBP plan that is simple to follow and our Team of experienced urgent care operators can assist you in customizing it so that your staff will know what to do in the event of a needlestick exposure.

C&C compliance

More and more insurance carriers are requiring urgent care operators to provide a copy them a comprehensive plan for assuring their providers maintain credentials, licensure and/or board certification. In addition, they often ask for a plan outlining the urgent care’s procedure for managing patient complaints as well as other operational issues. Many of these policies must be in place during the contracting and credentialing process, prior to opening, and must be updated annually. We can provide you with a template to help meet these payer requirements so that your contracting process moves smoothly and without delays.


One of the most common deficiencies in many urgent care operations is the absences of a comprehensive policy and procedure manual. Many operators simply do not have the time to write policies from scratch or lack the knowledge to construct the proper procedural document that consistently guides staff. Our sample manual covers the most common urgent care specific policies to help organize and guide your operations. Sections include: Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Radiology, Laboratory, Safety and much more. Don’t reinvent the wheel, whether you are looking to prepare for accreditation or just want to have a well-developed guide so that your staff knows what is expected, we have the templates and forms to assist you.