Post-Opening Training/Evaluation (On-site)

Looking for a review of operations after you open? Want to fine-tune or make adjustments during the early days of new operations? Our consultant will spend time on-site at your facility observing staff and operations in order to analyze and make recommendations for improvement.

Operation Review

You’ve just opened or maybe been open for a month… how is everything running? Are you ship-shape or slowly sinking on the reef? Our team will directly observe operations and provide you with an analysis of strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvements. This will afford you and your staff the opportunity to make changes before problems become permanent.


The early days of a new urgent care can feel like there are so many items demanding the owner(s) attention. None perhaps as important as marketing. What is my message? Am I doing too little, too much? Am I reaching people? Am I using the right medium?

While our team member is on-site, we can work one-on-one with you to review your marketing efforts and revise any plans to more effectively encompass local events, initial response and owner involvement in the community.

Patient Flow & Staff Training

While on site, our team will assist with promoting activities that enhance patient flow. Interaction between departments and teams, as well as movement of the patient, prioritizing tasks and staffing to volume will all be evaluated and reviewed.

In addition, any assistance with minor post-opening clinical training can also be accomplished at this time. *Note: This is not a substitute for a recognized Medical Assisting or other clinical training program.