Practice Evaluation/Optimization On-Site Analysis

Preparing to sell your urgent care practice? Not sure of the market value? Perhaps your center needs help generating revenue? Our team can evaluate your operations, including patient flow, and services with an on-site analysis. We can evaluate cost centers such as staffing and purchasing and make suggestions to help improve these. Our goal is to help you maximize revenue while minimizing expenses.


Does your marketing need a boost? Have you been doing the same old things quarter after quarter? Our team can evaluate and make some recommendations on how to shake things up. How to reach a new audience in a different way. Or perhaps how to more effectively spend your marketing dollar. Let us evaluate your efforts, take a look at your website, social media and budget and see what we can do to help you be more effective.

Patient Flow

Are you getting complaints about wait times? Is your urgent care chronically running behind? Where is the bottleneck? Are staff pointing fingers at one another?

Sometimes it’s as simple as having someone direct traffic… maybe it’s a lack of proper staffing? Let our team of experienced operators share their observations and help your urgent care turn bad patient flow into higher revenue and greater patient satisfaction.


Ever wondered why there are 12 boxes of 5-0 nylon in your procedure room yet you just ran out of a left ankle splint? Do you have any idea what 12 boxes of suture material costs? For that matter, what does your clinic spend on medical supplies, or office supplies? Or any supply? Who watches that? And have you ever compared costs or thought about all the money “Sitting on the shelf?”

Many operators focus so much on the revenue they forget about watching the expenses, but if you aren’t dealing with vendors that are proactively bringing your opportunities for savings, then those 12 boxes of sutures are costing you a lot of money that could have been spent on – marketing?

Let us help you evaluate your purchasing to see how you can streamline your supplies and ordering to save.

Ancillary Services

Are you missing out on expanding services and generating more revenue? Maybe you’re happy with just offering standard urgent care medicine. But how about dispensing prepackaged medication? Have you thought about doing ultrasound? Maybe your occupational medicine business is booming but your sending out all the physical therapy?

Are there any ancillary services that are RIGHT for your urgent care? What’s the ROI? Are there any rules or regulations prohibiting you from offering that services? We can help you make that determination and give you industry insights as to how other urgent care operators have found success/ or failure by offering some of these same product lines.