Subscription Q&A

  • What is subscription-based consulting?
    - Subscription-based consulting provides clients with access to expert consultants on an
    as-needed and on-going basis for any type of question, issue, or assistance the client might require.
  • Are there any limitations?
    - Generally speaking, there are no limitations to the types of questions our clients may ask, provided they are urgent care industry related. The following limitations are imposed related to access:

    - Calls and contact to the consultants are restricted to generally accepted business hours (M-F, 9am- 5pm CST). Weekends and holidays omitted.

    - Services restricted to operational urgent care facilities only. NO start-ups, investors, or vendor related entities.

    - Calls may be scheduled in advance to the convenience of both parties.

    - No on-site services are included. (On-site services are available with our other products.)
  • How will I contact the consultant?
    - You will be given access to contact information: i.e. phone and email to your assigned consultant(s).
  • Will my call be answered immediately?
    - This is not an urgent care emergency HOTLINE. Every effort will be made to handle in-coming calls in a prompt manner. Messages will be returned within 24-48 business hours.
  • Are there other services included in the price?
    - Yes, included with the monthly subscription is a copy of The Textbook of Urgent Care Management. This comprehensive book was written by many of the industry’s leading authorities and includes topics such as developing a financial strategy, provider compensation, creating a brand, metric-driven management, and numerous other pertinent operational and management topics.

    - Included with the subscription will be access to UCIN/UCIC monthly newsletter as well as scheduled webinars and other teleconferences held by Dr. John Shufeldt and Patrice Pash.
  • Is there a penalty for terminating my subscription service?
    - No, you may cancel at any time. However, dues are paid on a monthly basis and are not refunded for unused portions of the month.
  • Are there any discounts available?
    - Yes, current UCIN members are eligible for a 22% discount on the monthly cost.

    - If already a UCIN member, the discount will automatically be applied at time of purchase.
  • Will I always be speaking with the same consultant?
    - Not necessarily. Since UCIC has a team of urgent care specialists each with expertise in a variety of disciplines, it will sometimes be beneficial to forward inquiries to a more appropriate team member in order to best assist you.
  • How do I pay?
    - We have auto-draft through PayPal and accept most major credit cards.
  • Does it matter if I have multiple centers? Can I sign up just once?
    - Yes, this service is based on the entity/owner and not the center/location.
  • What are some typical questions that a subscriber might ask?
    Typical questions that we provide consulting on are as follows:

    - I have a local employer asking my urgent care center to provide respirator fit testing. What equipment do I need and what all is involved in providing the service?

    - I have been open for three years and I am thinking about trying new types of marketing. What other forms of marketing can I explore and what are the experiences of other urgent cares that have lead to return on the investment?

    - When it comes to recruiting is there new/alternative resources for providers or clinical staff?

    - My urgent care center has been open for a while, are there other/ new ancillary services I might consider offering?

    - Is there a good/easy way to manage my inventory?
  • Does my subscription cover any additional/ extensive consulting services such as integrating occupational medicine or practice valuation services?
    - Services beyond the usual Q&A of the subscription relationship will typically be discussed and negotiated. UCIC offers a broad spectrum of urgent care consulting services to help the urgent care operator better manage and optimize their business. For more information. Please see our services list at Urgent Care Integrated Network or speak to one of our representatives.
  • How do I cancel my subscription

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